14-21 August 2023

Alta Garrotxa, Spain


With SUMMER IN THE VALLEY we invite families, couples and individuals alike, to join us in a deeply nourishing summer experience. Our time together will water the seeds of understanding, nature connection, inspiration and joy in us. The idea is to let our days unfold playfully, and unforced in the valleys magical embrace.


Summer in the Valley is based at the Easy Day Center in the heart of the Sant Aniol valley nature park, 1 hour north of Girona, Spain.

The Sant Aniol Valley invites us to play and adventure, to sunbathe and swim. It’s silence, beauty and harmony is contagious. It draws you in and reminds you of your own true nature. It is a powerful being and a great teacher.

Come, explore, laugh and listen!


The Easy Day Center is designed to beautifully host groups of up to 50 people. People often share how they feel a sense of being at home here. The house is literally a stone-throw away from the river with it’s crystal clear rock pools.

We will enjoy a super-tasty, rich and healthy vegetarian kitchen.

You can choose your preferred accommodation option: bring your own tent, rent a tent or book an apartment (limited spaces).


You will be choosing from a variety of activities, for young and old, creating a flow that suits your needs. We will be weaving together play, adventure sports, arts with moments stillness, and relaxation.

We will also enjoy moments to explore and share with each other in community through creative expression, music and in conversation.

You will leave recharged, inspired and with new insights and perspectives. Come and receive the Valley’s gifts.

DIAGRAM: The facilitated process can be described as a weaving together of nature and adventure activities with art and play, sharing in community and contemplative sessions. You will choose if, how much and where you wish to participate – and of course there is plenty of free-time for the fun and magic in-between to emerge spontaneously. The valleys great natural beauty will hold and support us gracefully.





Children from 4 to 8 years old can participate every day in a beautiful 3-hour play session. They will be painting, exploring the river, making pottery, singing songs and other activities, beautifully lead by our facilitators.

Children from the age of 9+ can already participate in many of the activities offered in the regular programme. From outdoor activities such as a water trekking to a climbing trail, or family connection through tantra dynamics to strengthen your bonds deeply and tenderly as parents and children. We ll enjoy fun yoga sessions for everyone, conscious body movement and outdoor dance with an esctatic dance for everyone to dance together.

And, of course there’s lots of magic in all the free time, from playing table tennis to hanging out at the river with new friends.

Friday is ‘lazy day’, the day of laziness, totally free of facilitated activities.


An important aim of the Summer in the Valley Retreat is to nurture a down-to-earth spirituality. In subtle ways we do this through all that is offered. We also invite you to contemplative practices such as guided meditations in the mornings or deep relaxation sessions.

These aim to bring our attention back to the natural sense of being within ourselves. Through direct experience and understanding we can confirm that this is what we are essentially. The fragrance of being is peace, a sense of presence and a stable sense of satisfaction.

Our personal identity on the other hand, it’s psychological conditioning and roles are part of our changeful aspect. The practices of listening deeply and kind loving speech, experiences in nature, good healthy food, play, movement and dance, reconciliation practices, … are all here to help us learn to live skilfully.





8.00 – 10.00


11.00 – 14.00

14.00 -15.00  

15.00 – 18.00   

18.00 – 19.30   



Dynamic Wake Up in the Dome
Alternative option: Silent Walk and Guided Meditation

Breakfast Buffet

Morning Check-In & Introduction to days Activity Options

Morning Activities:
         • Kids Play Session: Painting River Pebbles
         • Water Trekking (9 years +)

Lunch Buffet

Siesta / Free time

Evening Activities
         • Kids: Yoga
         • Adults: Conversation on Self Inquiry

Noble Silence*

* Noble Silence is a practice to asks participants to observe silence from 23.00 onwards, to find rest, conserve our energy, to digest the days experiences and to enjoy nature at night.

** Friday (Day 4) is ‘Lazy Day’ entirely free of facilitated activities.




Korbi Hort



As qualified guide and group facilitator I draw on over 25 years of experience and have safely led thousands of people through transformative learning adventures. I am passionate about creating atmospheres and spaces in which people feel at ease, at home and inspired to explore what truly matters to their hearts.

These days I feel most satisfied in my work, if the facilitated process, which often blends nature experiences, conversations and guided meditations, can help participants to become inwardly silent, empty and open. It is here, that we really begin to feel, understand and appreciate the completeness and contentment of our natural state of being. I feel that the significance of this experience cannot be overestimated as it reaches into all aspects of our life.

I am founder and director of Easy Day and live with my family in our beloved Sant Aniol valley in Catalunya, Spain.




I feel blessed to live at Pont de Valenti in the Sant Aniol valley since five years and support the project in booking, communication and hands-on hosting of guests. Also, I’m a mother of a 1 year old baby.

I love the simplicity, beauty and harmony in people, relationships and in things. I also love to offer a beautiful and caring space, where we can feel free to open ourselves and share authentically. It is in such authentic encounters, that I feel nourished and inspired.

As a practicing ceramist and lover of art, I found on the art a way to connect and express myself.
In this beautiful programme, I will share an artful space in which we can explore this wonderful world of art ceramics together.




We are Alan Bliss and Alana Carlasia. From our project Asha @asha.tantrayogamovimiento we work to inspire vital harmony.

We are parents of three children and lovers of life. Our own practices lead us to live the magic of transcending what is changeable. It is a pleasure to taste life in the earthly and in the divine, in the infinite possibilities of expanding vital energy.

As facilitators we unite Tantra, Yoga and Movement in spaces of sublime nature. In Summer in the Valley – Armonia Salvaje we look forward to offer experiences based on these beautiful practicies, that help us transform ourselves and expand our consciousness.

“ And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. “
Roald Dahl


To calculate your price choose:
programme (adult, youth, child) + accommodation option = total price

Programme Price
(includes: facilitation, meals & activities):
– Adults: 650,- € per person
– Students & Children aged 9-17 years : 450,- €
– Children 4-8 years of age: 390,- €
– Children from 0-3 years are free of cost

** Early bird promotion – discount until June 11
– Adults 590,- € per person
– Students and children 9-17 years: 410,- €.
– Children 4-8 years: 340,- €.

+ accommodation of choice
– Camping, bringing your own tent: Free of cost
– Camping with tent & mat hire: 50,- € per person
– Small apartment: 900,- € for up to 4 people
– Large apartment: 1750,- € for up to 6 people
  Please note: apartments are limited to availability

For information please contact us at:

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