14 - 17 March 2024

Sant Aniol Valley • Catalonia • Spain


This facilitator training invites people who wish to work with the vast potential of outdoor adventure and nature experiences in fostering positive personal, social, and cultural change. If you are seeking to acquire the understanding and skills necessary to leverage the transformative power of nature-based learning, then this programme is for you. It is part of Easy Days staff training and recruitment scheme.

Since 2001 Easy Day pioneers the fusion of challenging adventure experiences with guided sessions, encouraging participants to delve into their human nature and uncover very important understanding and key practices for a happy and fulfilled life. We call this ‘essential adventure education’. 

The approach embraces the dynamic realm of everyday life — empowering individuals to navigate thoughts and emotions skilfully, to listen with greater acuity and to communicate more effectively. Going beyond traditional learning methods, we also create contemplative spaces to dive into the non-dynamic aspect of our existence, developing an experiential understanding of the impersonal dimension of being and highlighting its profound significance for well-being, peace and sustainability.

Upon completion of the training, participants will significantly deepen in their understanding and ability to facilitate transformative nature-based experience. Some, if not all, will have the opportunity to join our freelance pool, and may be invited to work on our ‘essential adventure education’ programmes, guiding and teaching undergraduate and graduate students.
Easy Day extends an invitation to professional rock climbing instructors, canyoning and mountain guides to participate in this programme free of charge.
Outdoor educators, teachers, psychologists, therapists, social workers etc., who seek training in nature-based facilitation are asked to pay 450,-€ participation fee.


Overlooking the valley from the ridge where we will spend our wilderness solos.


Thursday, 14 March
– Start at 10.00 a.m. in Sadernes. Welcome, Overview,
– Purpose of Education, Reflections on Aims and Principles
– Educational process, structure and design
– Working with the theme of arriving
– Working with the theme of building a community of learning
– Considering key concepts such as ‘safe container’, ‘challenge by choice’, ‘deep listening’, ‘stopping & arriving’, ‘guide as facilitator’

Friday, 15 March
– Reflection on the Challenges of our Time
– Discovering their root cause
– Exploring aspects of Self
– Introduction to Self Inquiry
– Overnight Wilderness Solo giving space to deepen in Self Inquiry

Saturday, 16 March
– Return from solo via parts of the Adventure Trail – a ‘via cordata’, with a 50m rapel. Conversation on guiding the adventure trail
– Solo review upon return
– Pizza night

Sunday, 17 March
– Working with the Seeds in Consciousness
– Perhaps Canyoning but let’s leave it open to see what is needed
– Closing

We will be based at the soulful Masia Pont de Valenti which is our Centre for nature-based learning, in the heart of the magical Sant Aniol Nature Reserve, right next to a beautiful mountain creek.


Prerequisites to participate:
• Good physical fitness
• Feeling comfortable in nature and on steep rocky terrain
• Personal interest in psychology, philosophy, spirituality
• Personal commitment to a spiritual practice
• Interest in social & cultural change, education or environmental activism
• Looking to expand your skills towards
   nature-based facilitation

Additional Prerequisites to participate free of charge:
• Qualified Rock Climbing and or Canyoning Instructor (ie.TD2)
• Qualified Mountain Guide (UIAGM, IFMGA)
• You are a qualified outdoor educator an already in the process of getting your technical guiding qualifications
• Intermediate to good level of English
• Aged 24 – 45
• Interested in freelance work (up to 4-6 engagements per year)
• Valid First Aid Certificate

If this training calls you, and if you meet some or all of the prerequisites then please apply by sending an email to:

For further questions you may contact Korbi via WhatsApp:

The double role of guide and educational facilitator offers great potential. Trust can be established quickly and effectively – a prerequisite for openness, and deeper learning.


The course is based at the Easy Day Center for nature-based learning right in the heart of the Sant Aniol Valley nature reserve. The place is situated right at the banks of the mountain creek and is surrounded by colourful limestone cliffs. The modern stone-house offers a magical atmosphere and diverse facilities that make it an ideal home for this retreat.

Please bring your own tent, mat and sleeping gear. If you travel from afar or need to borrow something, please speak to us.
Ecological toilets and showers with hot water for shared use.

The idea is to cook together here at the house. We will cook vegetarian food, and fish, locally and ecologically sourced where possible. To support animal welfare, we ask participants to abstain from meat for the few days here together. 

We ask those participating free of charge (qualified guides) to contribute 15,- € per day / 60,- € for the four days towards the food. This contribution will also be your non-refundable ‘sign-up fee’.

“The crisis we face is first and foremost one of mind, perceptions and values; hence, it is a challenge to those institutions presuming to shape minds, perceptions and values. It is an educational challenge. More of the same kind of education can only make things worse.“
David Orr


Korbi Hort



As qualified guide and group facilitator I draw on over 25 years of experience and have safely led thousands of people through transformative learning adventures. I believe that P.E. in general and outdoor education in particular have a huge but largely untapped potential to inspire profound personal and cultural change processes.

With this programme I want to  share the crystallised essence of what I have learnt over the years with other outdoor professionals. In doing so I hope to train and find new people for my team and grow our community of practice. It will no doubt be an inspiring and enriching time for all of us.

I am founder and director of Easy Day, hold a BSc in Outdoor Education from the University of Edinburgh and a MSc in Sustainability and Business Practice from the legendary programme at Ashridge Hult Business School. I live with my family in our beloved Sant Aniol valley in Catalunya, Spain.

“When you are in touch with the dimension of Being within yourself – and being in touch with it is your natural state, not some miraculous achievement – all your actions and relationships will reflect the oneness with all life that you sense deep within.
This is love. “

Eckhart Tolle


At Easy Day, your physical and emotional well-being is our priority. Hence we operate a comprehensive Safety and Risk Management policy. Our operational backbone are an outstanding safety record and 25 years of experience in safely guiding thousands of participants through transformative learning adventures.

We put greatest care in selecting and training our team of qualified and experienced guides and facilitators. All staff and activities are covered by our professional liability insurance.

During your stay, we would like to ask you to take good care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. Our educational methodology thrives on adventure and nature experiences, including time for yourself. Feelings of discomfort, inner resistances, doubts or harsh judgements are phenomena that can appear in transformative learning processes. They are not a bad sign, but something to be expected. In no way do we intend to create extreme situations or strong emotional states, but the aim is to co-create a caring atmosphere based on trust, openness and authenticity. If you have any doubts or questions regarding any aspect of your safety or well-being, please do not hesitate to talk to us.

We will be moving off the beaten track, climbing, swimming, abseiling, canyoning. Although the risk levels in these outdoor activities are very low, as we manage safety rigorously, it is important to recognise that we are not exempt from potential accidents.


Meeting point:
We will meet at 10:00h in the public car park of Sadernes on Thursday, 14th of March.
Google Map Link:
After leaving our luggage in a transfer vehicle that will take our things to
where we will be staying, we will start walking into the valley on foot
(3 km). Along the way we will start the programme together.

Come prepared to start walking. Wear sports or trekking shoes, long or
short trousers, and in a small backpack a waterproof jacket, a first
layer of warm clothes and swimwear (you can wear your swimming costume or carry it in your backpack). Before we start our walk we will offer you a snack and a bottle of water, as well as a notepad and a pen.

How to get here:
if you are not travelling by car, you can take a bus from Barcelona. There are very good bus connections from the centre of Barcelona with Take the bus to Montagut roundabout (MONTAGUT CRUÏLLA). We can pick you up here. You can get your ticket at the TEISA ticket office in town (check their website for directions)

If you prefer to go by train you can arrive at Girona station. We will pick you up in front of the station punctually at 9.00 h. Location:

Pick Up Service
We provide transfers from Montagut bus stop, Girona airport or train station against a moderate fee.

For the Return:
The bus to Barcelona leaves at 13:45. And we can arrange a transfer to
Girona Train Station, if needed. Again please inform us beforehand.

Digital disconnection:
There is no mobile phone or wifi coverage in and around the house in the nature park. So come prepared and communicate with the people you need before you
arrive. We have wifi and the phone for emergencies only: the contact number for WhatsApp is +34.699 960 134 (Korbi)

Noble Silence:
Every night we ask participants to observe silence from 23.00 onwards. It is an ancient practice that helps us to rest, to conserve our energy, to digest the experiences of the day and to enjoy nature at night.

Language of the programme:
Spanish and English.

Items to bring:
– Small backpack
– 2 pairs of trainers or trekking shoes, one pair for getting wet
– Comfortable shoes to change into at the house
– Swimming clothes
– Sun protection (sunscreen, sunglasses, hat).
– Several layers of clothing for warmth as well as rainy or cold weather
conditions. Synthetic garments work best outdoors in wet weather,
cotton is not recommended
– Waterproof jacket
– Head torch
– Sleeping bag (around 10 degrees Celsius at night)
– Pillow
– Fitted sheet for a single mattress
– Toilet bag and towel
– Personal canyoning and rock climbing gear. We can borrow you what you don’t have (i.e. Wetsuit, Canyoning Harness)
– Personal medication, if necessary

For questions email:
WhatsApp: +34.699960134

Thank you!

Responsibility means primarily to take responsibility for ones own state of consciousness, which determines my thoughts and actions and thus what kind of world I create. Only a dysfunctional consciousness produces a dysfunctional world.