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School of Youth, 27 JULY - 05 August 2020 SPAIN, Creative Minds • Open Hearts • Wild Places


“An entirely refreshing experience. Opened my eyes but (more importantly) opened my heart like never before.”           

Alice Hill-Woods, Participant

The School Of Youth brings together young people (ages 16-27) from different social, cultural and religious backgrounds to engage in a magical 10-day learning experience. Blending outdoor adventures with music, art and philosophy, the programme is highly innovative, developing life-skills related to peace and sustainability.

By meeting on the level of nature and exploring our common humanity, students build bridges of friendship and understanding across political, religious and geographic divides. Past students have reported the programme to be life-changing. The educational approach has been developed over the course of 15 years working with thousands of participants.

What students say

“School of Youth is not just a camp, it is home away from home, a place where I was able to open my heart and fill it with the positivity of everything and everyone around me, an experience that reminded me what it feels like to be at peace with yourself. At School of Youth I realized that genuine good willed people exist everywhere in the world and one only has to expand their horizons to find them”

Tristán José Rubio-Turtle, 18, U.S.A / Spain

what students say

I’ve never felt more accepted, appreciated and cared for by a community or group of people my age before. The mutual openness and honesty that we shared was so refreshing and healing. Healing, that’s the word I would use to describe the whole experience. My heart and mind feel open again. My past feel’s free and my future feels less daunting, because I’m focussing on living in the moment and trusting that what is meant to be, will be, and that when it is the right moment to decide, I will know what to do.

Rhea Rosa Warner, 17, UK

what students say

Words can’t express the joy, love and knowledge I gained in such a short time. At the School of Youth a shell of mine was broken unlocking creative thoughts I didn’t know I possessed. The summer was like the stars in the sky, it showed me you can be whatever you put your mind to. AHOO!

Kevaughn Cambell, 19, Jamaica

what students say

Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams! At the School Of Youth you are accepted for who you are. Although we came from different backgrounds and cultures, we shared the same goal – to learn from each other – because we need many hands to make big changes in the world.

Ghayda Hamoudeh, aged 16 from Palestine

what students say

Every youth should have the chance to attend this, amazing, life changing and inspirational programme which welcomes people from different parts of the world.

Samuel Gibba, 26 from Gambia

what students say

An entirely refreshing experience. Opened my eyes but (more importantly) opened my heart like never before.

Alice Hill-Woods, 19, UK

You will join a vibrant international community of learning and explore how living together joyfully and in harmony with each other and nature is possible. The School of Youth is a holiday experience you will treasure for life and a magical learning adventure that complements traditional education at school or university.

Professional facilitators and guides create a safe and caring atmosphere in which you feel inspired to deeply inquire into themes that truly matter to your hearts. Activities include rock climbing, canyoning, song writing, land art, yoga, a 24h wilderness solo, communication & team skills, story-telling and all the magic that emerges in between.

The learning experience is transformative, empowering you to become a more responsible leader in all aspects of your life. You will make new friends from around the world, and discover many new perspectives, trancending cultural, geographic and religious divides. We believe that your example has the power to inspire your family, your community, your nation and the world!



We are a team of experienced facilitators and guides totally committed to your growth as an individual and to your flourishing as part of our community. We participate on the same eye height with you and hold the space for all of us to explore, connect and discover.

As qualified guide and group facilitator Korbi draws on over 18 years of experience and has safely led thousands of people through transformative learning adventures. …
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Korbi Hort
Programme Director & Guide

A life-long student, group facilitator, trainer and coach. Angela has worked extensively with people from all over the world in educational and outdoor residential settings. …

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Angela Azorin
Facilitator, Booking & Marketing

Jed is a group facilitator and an Edinburgh based folk musician, philosopher and mountain leader.

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Jed Milroy
Creative Director

a generous and light spirit

Luciano joined the Center for Nature Based Learning at Pont de Valenti in 2017 as a volutneer. He fell in love with the place and saw the potential it offered him. Read more…

Luciano Gutierrez
Catering, Music & Dance Facilitator


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