“Virtually all indigenous or native cultures have regarded nature or the universe or Mother Earth as the ultimate teacher. At few points in history has the need to rediscover this teacher been greater.“

– Otto Scharmer & Peter Senge et. al.

Easy Day is a powerful approach to education that complements the academic style at school and university. We combine adventure activities with theory, dialogue and creative group work in a place of great natural beauty.

Our tailor-made learning adventures empower students to build healthy relationships with others and the Earth in both their personal lives, and present or future careers.

Whatever students study – whether history, business management, physical education or art – the Easy Day approach helps to bring that subject alive, makes it real and applicable to the many challenges we face as human beings now.

A pioneer in the field, the Easy Day approach has touched the lives of more than 5000 students and has been developed since 2001.

creative minds • open hearts • wild places

Programmes are carefully designed to create powerful learning experiences that explore themes related to students area of study. We skilfully mix outdoor adventures, group-based activities including dialogue and theory sessions but also art and meditation. Each activity covers a number of learning outcomes such as non-violent communication, understanding emotions, managing stress, etc.


A journey led by professional canyoning guides through an awe-inspiring and otherworldly landscape. Equipped with wetsuit, helmet and harness students take on abseils down beautiful waterfalls, jump into crystal clear pools and slide down smooth rocks. Usually the theme explored on this day is “working with emotion”. An all-time favourite on every programme!


A gentle introduction to rock climbing with experienced guides and climbers lead a journey through dry riverbeds, up colourful limestone cliffs and through ancient archways and caves. Participants learn how to belay and trust each other to safely move up vertical cliffs in one of Europe’s most beautiful climbing areas.


The wilderness solo is about making space to slow down, reflect and reenergize; a magical and mostly transformative experience. After days of preparation, students are alone in the wild for 24 hours. This is followed by a celebratory return to base, and a both simple yet powerful process sharing the solo experience. The solo has proven to be a great adventure and a key experience to help students dive deeper into the mystery of being alive.


With the support of experienced artists, participants are given the space to find expression and reflection through music, dance and art – this very often yields suprising insights an eye opening experiences.

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• An understanding and appreciation of the sustainability concept in relation to students area of study.
• Practices to meet societal, environmental and economical challenges
• Growth in confidence and the ability to reflect on experiences
• Increased capacity to manage and express difficult emotions and stress

• A capacity to appreciate diversity of ideas, beliefs, cultures and roles
• A deep connection with nature through personal experience and a sense being part of a greater whole
• Improved ability to listen and to communicate in a compassionate way
• Cultivation of a healthy lifestyle
• An increased ability to work in a team