Sant Aniol Valley • Catalonia • Spain

DISCOVER YOUR NATURE is a week-long nature-based healing journey facilitated one on one by Korbi Hort and the Sant Aniol valley – a place of great natural beauty and power. The process, a blend of conversations, guided meditations, voluntary work and time to live in natures embrace will help you disidentify from the psycholoigcal aspect of mind. As the minds grip loosens peace, joy, trust and spontenaity are coming back into your life (although they really had never left).


Sometimes life brings challenges that make us feel hurt. Our dreams may crash, our health may falter, our relationships fall apart. Or perhaps less dramatic, our ways of being in the world don’t really work any more and we are looking for a more fulfilled existence. It is in these intense moments of life that a profound change process can be activated in us. After all, the wish to be happy is a natural drive for all of us. Perhaps we have been unconsciously searching for a sense of wholeness and deep satisfaction all our life.

If you are at such a point in life, then you are very lucky in a sense, because you stand the chance of discovering something very precious – your own true Self – the unmixed sense of Being within.

The spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle puts it beautifully: “When you are in touch with the dimension of being within yourself – and being in touch with it is your natural state, not some miraculous achievement – all your actions and relationships will reflect the oneness with all life that you sense deep within. This is love.”

‘Discover Your Nature’ is here to support you in this process of exploration. The focus is on discovering and not so much on healing or developing. Why? Because what we are essentially is already here and complete, it just needs to be recognised consciously.



“Virtually all indigenous or native cultures have regarded nature or the universe or Mother Earth as the ultimate teacher. At few points in history has the need to rediscover this teacher been greater. “

Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, 
 et al


1/ Extended Time in Natures Embrace:

We invite you to spend between two to four weeks here with us at the Easy Day Center, in the heart of nature.

Nature has a power, an intelligence and ingenuity that can help us come into a more natural rhythm of life. Nature al- ways just IS. It flows, it unfolds, in the here and now, unplanned and naturally. It is in contrast to our human minds tendencies of being overly concerned with past and future, with memory and projection, with comparing and judging. 

The Sant Aniol valley is a great teacher, its’ natural beauty, silence and generosity remind us of our own true nature. Come, experience, laugh and listen.

Your home during this auspicious time will be the soulful Pont de Valenti Centre for nature-based learning, in the heart of the magical Sant Aniol Nature Reserve, right next to a beautiful mountain creek. You will stay in this apartment, offering simple luxury.


2/ Karma Yoga

We invite you to participate in our every day flow of life. We often begin the morning with watching Satsang online with Mooji, one of our principal teachers. This is followed by breakfast and a morning check-in, where we share with each other how we are doing, and plan the day. We will also cook and eat together.

You will live and work alongside our small team. You will help us in making this place beautiful for the many beings that visit us on day trips or programmes. You may help us build things on the land, support the kitchen, work in the cafe, etc.

In eastern cultures the practice of selfless service is called ‘karma yoga’. It gives us a chance to have some structure in our days, doing meaningful work, while learning how to keep our mind inside the heart in the midst of it all. This is a practice that can deeply benefit your everyday life back home. Thich Nhat Hanh, the great Buddhist teacher, says “Let the Earth be your meditation hall”.


3/ Facilitated Process

In order to support you really well, I invite you into a facilitated journey. We will begin every day with a walk and a guided meditation. We will also give time to conversations that help to answer questions, clarify doubts or challenges and help guide your attention. Often this time will take shape around an outdoor journey, like a hike or a guided climbing trail. You will learn how to practice of self inquiry and other tools that I have found deeply beneficial.

From experience I know that many distractions and seeming obstacles may come, once you really step onto the path of self discovery. The mind may come up with all kinds of mischief to divert your energy, to raise up doubts in you, to tell you that you are not good enough, or whatever works. Resistances from the ego mind are a good sign. They mean that you are onto something.

So don’t expect a chocolate flavoured experience only, but also don’t worry. The facilitated process is here to guide and support you in this.


4/ Wilderness Solo.

An important part of your experience here will be the 24-hour wilderness solo – time alone in nature. It is an ancient, potent and auspicious tool for growth, healing and transformation. For most people the solo feels like a great adventure, a big step into the unknown. 

Come, explore and receive the Valley’s gifts. You will come out of the solo re- charged, inspired and with new insights and perspectives.




At Easy Day, your physical and emotional well-being is our priority. Hence we operate a comprehensive Safety and Risk Management policy. Our operational backbone are an impeccable safety record and 25 years of experience in safely guiding thousands of participants through transformative learning adventures.

We put greatest care in selecting and training our team of qualified and experienced guides and facilitators. All staff and activities are covered by our professional liability insurance.

“The crisis we face is first and foremost one of mind, perceptions and values; hence, it is a challenge to those institutions presuming to shape minds, perceptions and values. It is an educational challenge. More of the same kind of education can only make things worse.“

David Orr


Korbi Hort



As qualified guide and group facilitator I draw on over 25 years of experience and have safely led thousands of people through transformative learning adventures. I am passionate about creating atmospheres and spaces in which people feel at ease, at home and inspired to explore what truly matters to their hearts.

Discover Your Nature gives me the chance to really share the precious and most important lessons I myself have received from my wonderful teachers. It offers enough time and space to guide you towards the recognition of your natural state. I don’t think that the significance of this discovery can be overestimated – bringing joy, peace and wisdom, it reaches into all aspects of ones life. In recognising your natural self and learning to discern between your self (the observer) and your mind, the  psychological aspect of mind will loosen it’s grip, and the power to hold your attention in presence slowly returns.

I am founder and director of Easy Day and live with my family in our beloved Sant Aniol valley in Catalunya, Spain.


If this offer resonates with you we will make space for a conversation with each other online. Here we can address any questions and doubts you may have and find suitable dates. Discover Your Nature takes place off-season, during the winter months and early spring.

The price is set at 2500,- €. It includes the facilitated process and accommodation in the apartment. Food is excluded. You will cook for yourself, and we will also share some meals together with the family.

We look forward to meeting you and to having a rich and fruitful time together.

Responsibility means primarily to take responsibility for ones own state of consciousness, which determines my thoughts and actions and thus what kind of world I create. Only a dysfunctional consciousness produces a dysfunctional world.