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We live in a time of exceptional challenge in all areas of life. The need for individuals, organisations and nations to move towards greater harmony within themselves, with others and the more than human world has perhaps never been greater. Adventure Education can be a powerful catalyst in this process.

In the picture: the great double waterfall in the Sant Aniol canyon.


Dear Friend,

Only a few weeks to go until your trip to Easy Day and the Sant Aniol valley in Spain. We are happy that this is finally happening and we are so looking forward to meeting you and spending a rich and adventurous time together.

While flowtrack is providing camp and catering and is organising your experience at the beach, it is our role to facilitate your adventure education programme in the Sant Aniol valley. With this welcome page we want to help you prepare for your visit and finalise your registration with us.

Within this page you will find a short overview of program and outdoor activities a packing list, a timetable, information about Easy Day and a link to the online registration and medical forms. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

In happy anticipation,

Korbi & the Easy Day Team


“Virtually all indigenous or native cultures have regarded nature or the universe or Mother Earth as the ultimate teacher. At few points in history has the need to rediscover this teacher been greater. “

Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, 
 et al


Easy Days combines exciting and challenging adventure experiences with facilitated sessions that invite you to explore your own human nature and discover important practices that enables you to live a happy and fulfilled life. We call this ‘essential adventure education’.

• Experience Canyoning, Rock Climbing and the Adventure Trail (Via Ferrata) and  the fun and adventure that goes with it

• Develop skills, discover tools and understanding that help you feel deeply satisfied and in harmony with others and nature.

• Feel inspired as an individual and future professional to drive positive social change. We hope to encourage you to look more deeply into life, to keep exploring and to find meaning in the challenges that life brings and begin to discover a stable joy and happiness that is within yourself already.

Easy Day inspires three core values:
Creative Minds …
An appreciation for diverse opinions, believes and challenges as an opportunity to grow in understanding.

Open Hearts …
Experience how well and satisfied you feel when paying attention to your natural sense of being.

Wild Places …
Experience and understand the underlying unity of all life. Exploring wild places can inspire profound discoveries and changes within ourselves.


Every day invites you to experience a different outdoor activity and to work with an over-arching educational theme:

DAY ONE: Adventure Trail – Arriving and creating a Culture of Learning
DAY TWO: Canyoning – Working with the Seeds in Consciousness
DAY THREE: Rock Climbing – Reflecting on the Challenges of our Time



• Small backpack
• 2 pairs sports or trekking shoes, one pair to get wet
• Comfortable shoes to change into on campsite
• Bathing clothes
• Sun protection (ie. sunscreen, sunglasses, hat)
• Enough food for lunch, extra food on canyon day
• 1,5 Litres water bottle
• Thick socks that go over the ankle for the adventure trail day (to protect the ankles on the scree slope)
• Various layers of clothing for hot, warm weather conditions and for cold and wet weather conditions
• Waterproof jacket (always)
• Personal medication if needed!

Please Note!
For the days with Easy Day in the mountains you will have no mobile phone reception and no internet connection. So please come prepared for this, let your loved ones know ahead of time that you will be offline for some days and all is good.





At Easy Day, your physical and emotional well-being is our priority. Hence we operate a comprehensive Safety and Risk Management policy. Our operational backbone are an impeccable safety record and 25 years of experience in safely guiding thousands of participants through transformative learning adventures.

We put greatest care in selecting and training our team of qualified and experienced guides and facilitators. All staff and activities are covered by our professional liability insurance.


Here we will ask you for your personal details, any special dietary requirements and medical information and to be familiar with our terms of participation.

Thank You!

“Cuando nos damos el tiempo de escuchar a la naturaleza de una forma determinada, nuevas formas del conocimiento emergen.”

Andres Roberts


Korbi Hort



As qualified guide and group facilitator I draw on over 25 years of experience and have safely led thousands of people through transformative learning adventures. I am passionate about creating atmospheres and spaces in which people feel at ease, at home and inspired to explore what truly matters to their hearts.

These days I feel most satisfied in my work, if the facilitated process, which often blends nature experiences, conversations and guided meditations, can help participants to become inwardly silent, empty and open. It is here, that we really begin to feel, understand and appreciate the completeness and contentment of our natural state of being. The significance of this experience cannot be overestimated as it reaches into all aspects of our life.

I am founder and director of Easy Day. I hold a Masters degree in Sustainability and Business Responsibility from Ashridge Business School and a BSc in Outdoor Education from Edinburgh University. My family and I live in our beloved Sant Aniol valley in Catalunya, Spain.

Joeri Kabalt


Joeri Kabalt

Wonder is at the core of my work. As a professional I try to stay close to my own sense of wonder, in order to invite others to inquire and experiment together in the workplace. For me, a sense of wonder is about attention, curiosity and seeing beauty and possibilities in places where that might not be self-evident. But also about taking the time to hear and inquire into each others stories in organisations, as human beings.

I am always searching for those questions and stories that might create movement in a complex change issue. I love to design and facilitate change interventions and leadership programmes, but also to support the development of fellow practitioners through writing and teaching about my practice.

I am a partner at Kessels & Smit The Learning Company and live with my family in Amsterdam.

Javier Gras


Javier Gras
Soy Ingeniero de Caminos por la UPM. Tengo una larga experiencia como Project Manager en proyectos internacionales de ingeniería, coordinando equipos y desarrollando proyectos de infraestructuras viales. Mis últimos años como ingeniero han ido dirigidos a lanzar proyectos de Innovación para implementar procesos más sostenibles y regenerativos en la oficina técnica donde trabajaba. Actualmente me he unido al equipo de Bioleadership Project para liderar proyectos que generen un cambio en la narrativa de progreso y liderazgo, mediante una cultura de profunda conexión con la naturaleza, introduciendo principios de resiliencia, circularidad y comunidad.

En esta edición pretendemos cuidar la composición de un grupo diverso y limitado a un máximo de 12 participantes provenientes de distintos con- textos y organizaciones sociales.


If you are interested in participating in the programme, or have further questions, please send an email Javi Gras (see below).

As part of the registration process we will ask you for your CV or LinkedIn profile and we will conduct an online interview to answer any questions you may have and to get to know you a little in order to evaluate your candidacy.

Responsibility means primarily to take responsibility for ones own state of consciousness, which determines my thoughts and actions and thus what kind of world I create. Only a dysfunctional consciousness produces a dysfunctional world.


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