We live in a time of exceptional challenge in all areas of life. The need for individuals, organisations and nations to move towards greater harmony within themselves, with others and the more than human world has perhaps never been greater. Essential Education can be a powerful catalyst in this process.

In the picture: enjoying the great sunset views high above the Sant Aniol valley set in the foothills of the Pyrenees.


How can we live in harmony with ourselves, others and nature? How can we overcome violence, war, environmental degradation? How can schools, universities and organisations address these challenges meaningfully? These questions have driven our research and work since 2001. The Easy Day approach to learning is the distilled outcome of this comprehensive inquiry, and has two fundamental aspects:

“Virtually all indigenous or native cultures have regarded nature or the universe or Mother Earth as the ultimate teacher. At few points in history has the need to rediscover this teacher been greater. “

Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, 
 et al

1. Manifest Life in the World

1 Manifest Life in the World

In formal teaching engagements we introduce people to effective tools and practices that allow a deepening of trust and openness toward one another and enable us to live skillfully and maintain healthy relationships. For example we meet in conversation, practice the art of deep listening, learn to appreciate the diversity of perspectives. We spend time in beautiful wild places, create atmospheres that are authentic and infuesed with moments of magic.

There is the psychological and conditioned aspect of ourselves, the one we are quite familiar with – ‘I’ as a person. It is changeful and quite fickle, based on memory, interpretation, values, paradigms and belief structures. It is both the source for diverse and incredibly rich experiencing but also of selfishness, harsh judgement, insecurity and violence – in short: It is mind-based and it’s insanity is seen easily on the collective level, in the challenges of our time.

There is however another aspect in ourselves …



“Virtually all indigenous or native cultures have regarded nature or the universe or Mother Earth as the ultimate teacher. At few points in history has the need to rediscover this teacher been greater. “

Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, 
 et al

2. Discovering our Essential Nature


We invite participants into an inquiry into our own human nature. Who are we? Who am I really? – a strange thing to ask perhaps.

This is where most schools and universities, leadership or team trainings fall short. Why do they fall short? Because we assume that we already know who we are: My body, my history, my believes and relations, etc. And it is true our individual conditioning and expression is unique.

There is however another dimension within ourselves but most of us are not aware of it consciously – we may call it our essential being or presence, or simply the Self. It is impersonal, timeless and the same in every sentient being. It is the most natural within ourself. From here thoughts, memories, desires, actions and reactions are perceived. 

When we discover this dimension within ourselves we start to feel very well, deeply satisfied, at home and stable. Discovering it experientially has the power to bless all aspects of our expression. As you notice that you are already fulfilled you naturally stop running after objects outside of yourself. You may still enjoy the things of this world, perform your roles, but with more compassion, naturally promoting harmony.

Easy Day inspires three core values:
Creative Minds …
An appreciation for diverse opinions, believes and challenges as an opportunity to grow in understanding.

Open Hearts …
Experience how well and satisfied you feel when paying attention to your natural sense of being.

Wild Places …
Experience and understand the underlying unity of all life. Exploring wild places can inspire profound discoveries and changes within ourselves.


Essentially we empower institutions and organisations to become more effective and real in driving positive change.
Grounded not just in lofty ideas – grounded in who you truly are.



• Small backpack
• 2 pairs sports or trekking shoes, one pair to get wet
• Comfortable shoes to change into on campsite
• Bathing clothes
• Sun protection (ie. sunscreen, sunglasses, hat)
• Enough food for lunch, extra food on canyon day
• 1,5 Litres water bottle
• Thick socks that go over the ankle for the adventure trail day (to protect the ankles on the scree slope)
• Various layers of clothing for hot, warm weather conditions and for cold and wet weather conditions
• Waterproof jacket (always)
• Personal medication if needed!

Please Note!
For the days with Easy Day in the mountains you will have no mobile phone reception and no internet connection. So please come prepared for this, let your loved ones know ahead of time that you will be offline for some days and all is good.





At Easy Day, your physical and emotional well-being is our priority. Hence we operate a comprehensive Safety and Risk Management policy. Our operational backbone are an impeccable safety record and 25 years of experience in safely guiding thousands of participants through transformative learning adventures.

We put greatest care in selecting and training our team of qualified and experienced guides and facilitators. All staff and activities are covered by our professional liability insurance.


Here we will ask you for your personal details, any special dietary requirements and medical information and to be familiar with our terms of participation.

Thank You!

“The crisis we face is first and foremost one of mind, perceptions and values; hence, it is a challenge to those institutions presuming to shape minds, perceptions and values. It is an educational challenge. More of the same kind of education can only make things worse.“

David Orr


Korbi Hort



As qualified guide and group facilitator I draw on over 25 years of experience and have safely led thousands of people through transformative learning adventures. I am passionate about creating atmospheres and spaces in which people feel at ease, at home and inspired to explore what truly matters to their hearts.

ESSENTIAL ADVENTURE EDUCATION is a programme that has evolved over the course of 20+ years, working with thousands of students. Blending adventure activities with meditative exercises and intellectual exploration in places of great natural beauty, we invite you to inquiry into your own human nature to your hearts joy.

I work with a carefully selected international team of experienced guides and facilitators.



Responsibility means primarily to take responsibility for ones own state of consciousness, which determines my thoughts and actions and thus what kind of world I create. Only a dysfunctional consciousness produces a dysfunctional world.