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SA, 31 AUGUST 2024


Dear Friends,

With this welcome pack we would like to introduce you to the Elements concert series, its intention and spirit, and share all the necessary information for your visit.

Elements is a multidisciplinary artistic project that connects art with nature. It consists of intimate concerts, performances, artist residencies and workshops. It is part of Easy Day, a nature-based learning centre, retreat venue and cultural project, founded in 2001 and established since 2016 at the Masía Pont Valentí, Alta Garrotxa, Girona, Catalunya.

Elements waters wonderful qualities in our consciousness through intimate concerts, the gathering of kind people, good food and it’s setting in the heart of the Sant Aniol Nature Reserve: Let the power and beauty of its mountains and rivers do their magic.

This project exists for creative encounters that enrich our world by connecting artists, educators and cultures. It generates and explores new ways of learning, and invites us to be open, respectful and welcoming.

We look forward to seeing you here,
Luciano, Anna & Korbi


Saturday, 01.07.2023
Arrive • Dinner • Performance • Concert

14.00 – 16.00    Check-In Concert and Camping

18.00 – 20.00    Check-In Concert and Camping

20.00                Vegan dinner with chef Ly Vega

21.30                Concert Alex Serra & Totidub

24.00 – 2.00      Chill down at fire-side patio


Sunday, 02.07.2023 

enjoy the valley • swim • sunbathe • climb • play • make music & dance

9.00 – 11.00        Vegetarian Breakfast Buffet

14.00 – 16.00      Paella with chef Lucas Doffo

18.00                  Closing Ritual

*You can book an pay these meals on Saturday at check-in.


Ticket Sales
Here: https://es.tickethoy.com/elements
Choose from: A/ Concert Only 30,- €
                        B/ Concert + Dinner 50,- €
                        C/ Concert + Dinner + Camping (free of charge) 50,- €

How to get here:
By Bus: www.teias-bus.com
Choose: Intercity bus-Linia BCN-OLOT por Banyoles.
If you are not travelling by car, you can take a bus from Barcelona. There are several stops from Barcelona. The bus leaves at 14:00 / 17.00 h and arrives around 16:00 / 19:00 h at the Montagut roundabout (one stop after Argelaguer). You can get your ticket from TEISA at the above address. We can pick you up at the bus stop: 15€ per person round trip. Reservation required on WHATSAPP 660 09 23 23 43.

By Car There are three options:

1. Sadernes public car park: It is pay parking with previous reservation: www.altagarrotxa.org

2. Private car park: From the Hostal Restaurant de Sadernes. From 3 p.m. onwards, free of charge. Important: Motorhomes and vans cannot be parked here. No overnight stay and no noise at night after the concert please! Reservation necessary on WHATSAPP 660 09 23 23 43

3. Motorhomes and vans: reserve a pitch at the Camping Sadernes: www.sadernes.com

From Sadernes you have to WALK 3km (approx 30 minutes) to the Easy Day • Masía Pont Valentí.

Camp at our House: Make the most of your stay and stay on our campsite. Bring your tent, sleeping bag, mat. Rental of tents with mattress possible at 15,- €. Reservation necessary on WHATSAPP 660 09 23 23 43 – The camping area offers ecological toilets and hot water bucket showers. Camping is 10-€/ person. If you choose concert+dinner the camping is free of cost.

We do not accept pets for the event.

Food: Provided by the organisation on the basis of fresh, organic, vegetarian and local food whenever possible. We ask everyone not to bring meat to our centre – like this we hope to encourage animal welfare. Please if you want to have the ELEMENTS dinner, buy the ticket with dinner included. There is a children’s menu option as well.

Digital Disconnection: There is no mobile phone or wifi coverage in and around the house in the natural park. So come prepared and communicate with the people you need before you arrive! We have wifi and a telephone for emergencies only: the WHATSAPP contact number is 660 09 23 43.

Safety: We employ a comprehensive risk management and safety policy and are covered by professional indemnity insurance. We are backed by 25 years of experience as mountain guides and the safe facilitation of diverse programmes. We ask you to be highly awareness of the risk of fire, moving carefully over uneven grounds, and at night please use a torch or headlamp. We ask for the conscious and responsible use of alcohol and drugs. Remember that you are visiting a nature reserve and a private home and a education centre. This comes both, as a privilege and as a responsibility.

If you are injured, disabled or have any doubts or questions, please contact us. Thank you.

“ And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. “
Roald Dahl