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Easy Day is a powerful approach to education that complements academic courses and professional practice. We combine adventure activities with theory, dialogue and creative group work in carefully chosen places of great natural beauty. Our courses empower participants to build healthy relationships with others and the Earth in both their personal lives, and present or future careers. We are dedicated to delivering transformational learning experiences of the highest quality.

We collaborate with business schools and universities to bring innovative approaches to sustainability education whilst boosting students personal and professional development. We host Summer Schools for young people from around the world to make new friends, explore new questions and enjoy life-changing adventures in beautiful places. We also offer adventure holidays and day trips at the Costa Brava in Northeastern Spain. And last but not least we host the easy day family - a growing community of friends who are united by a passion for the outdoors, their love for music, their values of friendship, exchange of ideas, inspiration and enjoying good times together.

Through Active Earth, our brand for professionals, we help businesses and organisations find new insights and a clearer sense of direction to navigate complex sustainability related challenges.

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